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Baldwin has been “America’s Favorite Piano” ever since company founder D.H. Baldwin vowed to manufacture “the best piano that can be built” over 100 years ago. From concert stages to recording studios to family music rooms, Baldwin Artist Grand pianos continue to set the industry standard for innovative design, classic styling and outstanding performance.
Baldwin’s commitment to the art of crafting concert-quality grand pianos has long been recognized by individuals who demand the best. Regardless of the genre, a Baldwin piano speaks the language of music with eloquence and passion. Golden tones ring with definition and authority. Keys respond to the most subtle command. No matter which Baldwin you choose, you’ll own an instrument that is preferred by many of today’s finest pianists, composers , conductors , symphony orchestras and performance venues.
Baldwin Artist Series grand pianos feature a one-piece, continuously bent rim design, constructed entirely of maple. This enhances both the structural attributes of the piano and its sound characteristics, helping to produce full, rich tone.
Baldwin plates are made using a sandcast process which results in high-strength, stress-free castings. This sandcast process, combined with the use of virgin iron ore, produces a plate that does not contribute unwanted resonance, thereby helping to create the classic “Baldwin Sound.”
Baldwin’s exclusive method of mounting the plate to the inner rim assembly allows for fine adjustments which are not possible with other mounting procedures. A threaded plate to inner rim mounting system allows the plate to be set at the optimum height for downbearing on the bridge.
Baldwins’s patented Acu-Just® Hitch Pin design allows the downbearing of each string — the angle at which the string crosses the bridge — to be very accurately adjusted. With Baldwin’s plate mounting system and Acu-Just® Hitch Pins, downbearing can be set with a degree of accuracy previously considered impossible. This contributes to superb tone throughout the entire scale.
To ensure a soundboard of consistently superior quality, Baldwin selects only the finest quartersawn spruce available. A tapered design contributes to the responsive character of the soundboard, providing outstanding tonal quality.
Baldwin Artist Grand bridges are constructed of 10 plies of vertically laminated hard rock maple. Vertical laminations contribute to the sustaining tonal quality of the Baldwin grand. Ribs, crafted of quartersawn spruce, are expertly notched to the inner rim.
Developed by Baldwin researchers using computer aided design programs, patented SynchroTone® bass strings produce consistently rich and detailed fundamental tones and harmonic overtones.
The Baldwin grand piano pinblock consists of multiple plies of hard rock maple. By alternating the grain direction of each ply, tuning pins are snugly held. Because the plies are joined with a waterproof adhesive, the integrity of the Baldwin grand pinblock is not adversely affected by humidity.
Consisting of more than 7,500 parts, the Baldwin designed Renner action and hammers feature the exceptionally responsive touch that professional players prefer. Baldwin-engineered premium hammers are used to ensure world-class, note-to-note consistency and excellent tonal range.
Artist Grand keybeds are constructed of cross-grained hardwood with a maple cap. This design ensures long term dimensional stability. Baldwin keys feature all-maple reinforcement parts. Sharp keys are made of ebony wood and have a refined radius for superb feel.
Available in the following finishes
Satin Ebony, High Polished Ebony, Satin Mahogany, High Polished Mahogany, Satin Walnut, High Polished Walnut, Satin Cherry and High Polished Cherry
Dimensions 5' 8" length; 4' 9 1/2" width; 3' 3" height
Hammers 100% Virgin Wool
Outer Felt 16 1/2
Inner Felt 5
Strings SynchroTone IITM
Speaking Length 48 7/8"
Soundboard Solid Eastern White Spruce
Soundboard Area - Sq. In. 1,686
Tapered Soundboard Yes
Bridge Material Hard Rock Maple
Bridge Design 10-Ply Vertically Laminated
Ribs 11 Quarter-Sawn Spruce
Hitch Pins Acu-JustTM
Action Baldwin/Renner
Action Material Hard Rock Maple
Keys Individually Balanced
Keys Material Spruce
Key Shoes Beech
KeyBed Laminated Hardwood
KeyBed Plies 21
Rim Design 26 Ply - Inner and Outer Rims
Brace Construction Glued, Mortised and Dowelled
Plate Cast Iron Sand Cast
Plate Suspension Threaded Plate Mounting System
Pinblock Material Hard Rock Maple
Number of Pinblock Plies 11
Tuning Pins Nickel Plated, Blued Steel
Warranty Parts - Lifetime | Labor - Ten Years